Respect. Trust. Honesty.

Communication is vital in every LSS Connections and Consulting, LLC (LSS C&C) client relationship. All services are delivered with utmost integrity in a professional manner.

For Education

LSS C&C provides customized services for administrators and educators as they discover and implement new initiatives to move their organizations toward more personalized learning environments. Services include assistance in visioning, evaluating and revising programs and supports, evaluating and implementing learning management systems, selecting and/or creating digital content, planning and implementing personalized professional learning (i.e., PD), grant writing, and promotion. LSS C&C also facilitates the Michigan CoOp, a network of school districts that are early adopters of student-centered learning. I create crowd sourcing, therapy, and networking opportunities for educators through the MiCoOp.

For Nonprofits

LSS C&C offers customized consulting to small nonprofit organizations looking to discover solutions and seeking support. Services include systems and program evaluation and solutions, fund development planning, grant writing, Salesforce administration, and promotion guidance and assistance.

For Individuals

LSS C&C helps individuals discover solutions to move forward in their professional growth. Individualized discussions and recommendations will focus on evaluating, exploring, goal setting, executing, and reflecting.