Connect. Learn. Grow.

LSS Connections and Consulting (LSS C&C) assists educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and individuals as they seek solutions and new initiatives for their growth problems. I work with clients to discover their vision, evaluate and redesign systems, programs and support, and implement solutions to better their organizations and selves. LSS C&C helps:

  • education institutions improve teaching and learning.
  • nonprofit organizations improve systems, programs, and fund development.
  • individuals assess and implement professional growth.

All services are customized to meet individual and specific needs.

LSS C&C also brings together the power of relationships and networking to assist individuals and organizations in their growth. I connect people, organizations, and the resources needed to be successful because we all learn and accomplish more when we work together.


Lisa Sitkins
President and CEO


[email protected]



About Lisa

Lisa is a passionate educator and believes that we are all lifelong learners. She’s dedicated to finding and creating solutions that help organizations and individuals realize their goals. Her experience in the business and nonprofit worlds combined with her educational experiences in traditional, vocational, and online environments give her a unique perspective to identifying solutions to problems. Connect with her to discover creative and innovative ideas to fulfill your mission.

Affiliations and Memberships

Michigan CoOp (MiCoOp)

Aurora Institute

Digital Learning Collaborative