Connect. Discover. Grow.

Assisting educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and individuals discover solutions to their growth problems. We help people and organizations create and implement their vision.

Helping people and organizations discover solutions.

LSS Connections and Consulting offers customized solutions to assist educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in implementing their professional vision and goals. We offer a unique approach to finding solutions based on our experience in the business and nonprofit worlds combined with educational experiences in vocational, online, and both traditional and non-traditional environments.

We are confident that our perspective on solving problems will help you and your organization grow.


Lisa Sitkins, President and CEO

[email protected]


For Education

LSS C&C provides services to educational institutions who seek to improve teaching and learning. Services range from vision development to implementation to networking.

For Nonprofits

LSS C&C provides consulting to small nonprofits seeking customized guidance and assistance with systems, programs, fund development, and promotion.

For Individuals

LSS C&C provides services to individuals needing assistance in assessing and implementing solutions in their professional growth.